Why Bamboo Diapers for Organic Diapers

Bamboo is a natural fabric, which makes it antibacterial, hypoallergenic, anti fungal and breathable. That means less bacteria, less diaper rashes, less odors. Bamboo diapers allow maximum air circulation and keeps the temperature down inside baby’s diaper, thereby reducing the risk of bacteria.


How can Bamboo help reduce nappy rash?

  • Bamboo nappies are made from the softest bamboo, chlorine-free wood pulp & compostable liners. These are all breathable. There is no heat trapping, bacteria encouraging plastic layer wrapped around your baby’s bottom.
  • Our nappies are free from chlorine, alcohol, latex, Fragrance and Parabens.
  • The bamboo layers which lie against your baby’s skin are naturally antibacterial, temperate regulating and breathable.
  • This all helps control or eradicate nappy rash.


Are they as good as regular nappies?

  • They are better. Much better.
  • Our nappies were judged to be more absorbent, softer, and better at controlling nappy rash than any other brand.
  • Feedback from parents has been excellent – high absorption, good fit, and noticeably less nappy rash.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo is the only available crop on earth which can keep up with consumer demand. It reaches full maturity within 2 years and sustainable harvesting actually improves forest regeneration.

We use bamboo which grows very fast in the mountains. The yield is naturally very high without the use of fertilisers or pesticides or any irrigation. 12-15 feet growth in just 3 weeks has been recorded in the spring season. This provides us with a sustainable, low impact crop as a brilliant alternative to polyesters, cotton, plastics, etc.

Bamboo is also 3x more effective as a carbon sink than any other tree or grass. This makes it ideal crop for helping to lower CO2 and slowing climate change.

In addition bamboo is naturally antibacterial and excellent at regulating temperatures against your baby’s skin.

How biodegradable are the nappies?

Our nappies are made from 100% biodegradable bamboo fibre layers, 100% biodegradable chlorine free FSC approved pulp and 100% compostable plant-based liners.

More Environmentally Friend.

It takes more than 500 hundreds of years for regular diapers to decompose when exposed to sunlight and air.


I tried all the eco-friendly ones and these are great: thin, absorbent and cute.

Ruby Robertson


Tanya Martin: For the looks and the comfort yes, we would absolutely recommend Bamboo nappies. For the environmental aspect, we would do the same.

Tanya Martin

“They arrived very promptly, and so far have been great! We were previously using the same type of wipes supplied by a different company, but your wipes were priced better and are excellent.”

Matthew Biddle



We LOVE these wipes. I love being confident in what I’m putting on my babys body. They are soft, dont have any overpowering fragrances and they are durable.


Best disposable diapers I could find as an eco-friendly alternative to cloth diapering. We switched to these at 6 Mo and haven’t looked back!